Troubleshooting Guide

Adobe Reader and PDF Documents

The system has been designed to open documents in Adobe Reader within the browser.

If you experience difficulties with documents opening outside the browser we recommend following the instructions from Adobe to set your browser and Adobe reader to operate as expected: Instructions for Adobe Reader

Can’t view PDF on web | Internet Explorer 10 or 11 with Enhanced Protected Mode enabled. Click Here


Search and Navigation selection seems to lock the page

There are times when there may have been changes to the system that you may not be seeing due to your computer caching the files from the web. This is reported as a blank space in the page and the list of products not being displayed.


There are 2 items to rectify this situation:

Note: Be careful when clearing your browser cache, read the instructions carefully and ensure you do not clear passwords, cookies and other important information.  The primary data you are trying to clear is files, pages and images